Our Products are fully FDA approved in Europe!

Where are these products manufactured?

All the Elite Anabolic range, are produced and conform to exacting standards of GMP ISO 9001:2000 and are 100% pure pharmaceutical grade oral anabolic compounds, made in laboratory conditions and that are in compliance with THMPD and DSHEA standards.

What happens if adverse reactions occur in response to taking these products?

If while taking these products you experience any of the following side effects associated with hormonal fluctuations when consuming these anabolic formulations, such as cardiovascular symptoms and the following, elevated heart rate, hyper/hypotension, dizzy spells or digestive irregularities such as diarrhoea, stomach pains or discomfort. It is recommended that you cease taking the products and seek medical advise from a licensed physician or doctor. It is advised to take these products under supervision of a MD (Medical Doctor).

What gains can I expect to make on a cycle?

Genetic limitations will play a role in how much a person can gain when taking these compounds, it is recommended that a highly nutritious diet with an abundance of calories consumed, along with a strict training program adopted to best enhance the effects of these oral anabolic products.

What is the duration of time, these products can be taken for?

The duration of time that these products can be administered for will be dependent on the product(s) you are taking, or the cycle length. We recommend 8-12 weeks on average, and at least a month in-between cycles, PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) this is to allow the body to recover, and for receptor clearance for key hormonal optimization, before starting a new cycle.